Case Studies

i2 analysis and chart


De Vere Intellica were approached by a commercial client and their legal advisers to diagrammatically detail a complex series of transactions and intercompany relationships. The i2 chart was required to help Counsel present the matter in Court and allowed for other stakeholders including the Insurance Company to fully appreciate the lengths the subjects went to in order to move and hide funds.

Work Undertaken/ The Chart

Please note that the names of the individuals and companies have been changed



Using the information already obtained by the client and their professional advisers De Vere Intellica was able to clearly map and outline various flows of monies between numerous bank accounts and businesses and ultimately its conversion into recoverable assets. Additional research had to be undertaken to ensure completeness and in this instance extra work was carried out in UK and overseas, (Southern Europe, Central America, the Caribbean and Middle East) to supplement the already held data.