Case study

Urgent Issuing and Serving of Documents

An instruction was received from our client at 9.30am on a Thursday morning who required immediate assistance with the issuing of an Application at the High Court, and subsequent service of the Application on two respondents in separate locations.

Given the urgency of the matter, and in order to expedite the process, we arranged to collect the documents directly from our client’s North London office, and leave straight to the High Court from there. Our agent arrived at their offices shortly after 10.30am where he checked through the relevant documentation with the client and, having confirmed that the Application was all in order, went directly to the High Court.

De Vere Intellica’s clients can rest assured that we always check through documents prior to issuing or service due to the fact that, on the extremely rare occasion that we identify an issue, it can save significant time and money to do so!

Our agent arrived at the High Court at 11.45am where the Applications were issued, stamped, and ready for service before lunchtime. Given our proximity to the Royal Courts of Justice, it was then not long before copies had been made for exhibits, and the two original Applications distributed to two Process Servers for simultaneous attempts of service; one at an address in Knebworth, Hertfordshire and the other in South London.

The respondents were served later that same day by our Process Servers who confirmed their identity from photographs provided by the client, as well as the verbal confirmation of identity from the respondents themselves.

Whilst the respondent in South London was served at 3pm, the respondent in Knebworth was not at home at that time, and was not served until he returned from work at 6.30pm. Affidavits of service were therefore written up that evening, sworn first thing on Friday morning, and personally delivered back to the instructing solicitor with the exhibits by 11am Friday morning.

Benefits of Using De Vere Intellica

  • As we are conveniently located in Central London we were able to collect the documents from our client and then immediately travel to the High Court of Justice to have them issued
  • We are available at short notice and able to deal with the request on a “same day” basis.
  • We are familiar with Court procedure therefore will ensure that the documents contain all the information which is required by the Court for them to be issued
  • The documents were collected, issued and served on the same day all within a pre-agreed fee which was a cost-effective solution for the Law Firm and the end client.


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