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Tracing (individual, company, freeholder, leaseholder)

De Vere Intellica has successfully traced individuals and companies for our legal and corporate clients for the past twenty years. We have a high success rate and while a majority the traces we undertake involve locating subjects in the UK, we also operate in the Americas, throughout Europe and in Asia.

We operate a fast and efficient tracing agent service that has a very high success rate including the location of individuals not wishing to be found.

Typical scenarios that lead to a trace request are:

  • debtor absconding
  • missing witnesses
  • searching for family members
  • adoption – locating biological parent
  • locating self-employed business people
  • locating Directors or shareholders

The majority of our traces are completed within 7 days and we offer a 24 hour “urgent” tracing service.

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Tracing (individual, company, freeholder, leaseholder)

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