Case study

Process Serving and Tracing


A Law Firm required same day collection and serve: one set of documents as to be collected from their offices and a second set of documents collected from the High Courts of Justice. The two sets of documents then needed to be arranged into one bundle and copied so there were two identical bundles to serve. One bundle was to be served on business premises during working hours and the second bundle was to be served on a residence in East Anglia. The Law Firm emphasised that this was an urgent matter and that the documents needed to be served within 24 hours.

Work Undertaken

We were able to deploy resources accordingly despite it being 2pm in the afternoon when the instructions were received. The business address was successfully served as requested but unfortunately upon arrival at the East Anglia address we were told that the subject no longer resided there, indeed hadn’t been there for two years and had not left a forwarding address. Desktop research carried out by the team at De Vere Intellica the next morning indicated that the subject was now residing at an address 15 miles away.


As a result of this positive trace the required documents were served within the 24 hour timeframe. Affidavits of Service were produced and delivered to the Law Firm by the end of the working day.


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