Fraud Investigation

Fraud investigation is an all-encompassing title for a multitude of services we undertake for clients and are broadly split into three distinct areas of protecting, monitoring and recovery of their assets. Whilst often the problems are complex and multi jurisdictional the mainstay of our work involves locating, researching, interviewing and analysis of data and relevant information to bring about a suitable solution to the issues at hand. Our team regularly undertakes assignments from corporates, financial institutions and insurance companies, both in the UK and from overseas.

A synopsis of the types our work we undertake can be summarised as:

System Threats Reviews of internal and external systems and processes
Staff Vetting Checking employee’s credentials, financial issues and links to competitors and suppliers
Due Diligence On suppliers and their supply chains – in the UK and overseas
Competitors Assessing threats and attacks from competitors
Financial Irregularity Forensic accounting reviews, analysis and evidence gathering
Asset Location Locating and evaluation of assets
Directors Assessing Directors links to competitors, their wealth and external links and threats

These are some of the services that we offer and all our data is presented to clients by way of detailed, accurate and relevant reports which are often supported by i2 analytical charts, all of which can be turned into witness evidence if required.

We can be instructed directly or by a client’s legal or accountancy team and can provide detailed scoping of potential instructions.

We also work along side fraud solicitors on a variety of cases including corporate fraud, banking fraud, bankruptcy fraud and international fraud.