Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting is more than just analysing bank statements and transactions: it involves the application of in-depth knowledge of financial systems and accounting methodology to interpret, analyse and understand the available data; identify anomalies or new lines of enquiry; establish where gaps in the data exist and, where necessary, reconstruct accounts and bordereaux.

We have been instructed by major Banks, Asset Based Lenders, Law Firms and Insolvency Practitioners in a wide range of Banking, Letter of Credit and Insurance frauds, Commercial Litigation and Matrimonial matters.

We offer a bespoke service, sensitive to our clients’ needs: whether that be establishing if a fraud has taken place and the modus operandi employed, accumulating evidence in respect of a known fraud or scrutinising and analysing available data to assist in Form E disclosure and litigation strategy and tactics.

Our services include:

  • reconstruction and completion of company accounts
  • analysis of flows of monies to locate missing funds
  • determination and analysis of franchise agreements and financial performance
  • in depth cash flow analysis and determination of insolvency
  • form “E” analysis of financial settlements in divorce cases

Our service is confidential and we are able to undertake work on an urgent basis should the need arise.