Matrimonial and Divorce

For over 20 years we have been instructed to locate hidden assets of spouses, undertake analysis of bank statements, locate and value property portfolios and find hidden documents and emails on computers. In essence we find the answers for clients needing evidence to obtain a just and fair financial settlement.

Recent cases include:

  • Reconstruction of an email account from a laptop to locate hidden bank accounts in Jersey
  • Traced and valued three undisclosed villas in Spain worth in excess of £1.5m
  • Identified investments in a wine portfolio valued at over £1m
  • Located the apartment in London that had been purchased by the Spouse through his company
  • Investigation leading to the discovery of a classic car collection worth over £500,000
  • Full Form “E” analysis and reconstruction of money flows through bank statement

Our service is confidential and we are able to undertake work on an urgent basis should the need arise.


Funding the Work

We have a number of solutions to funding cases where there are no ready funds available to undertake the work. These include :

  • We have funding available to cover our costs through one of our associated companies
  • Payment can be made at the end of the case
  • We can work on a Conditional Fee Agreement

It maybe that your case will qualify for one of these funding options so please contact us to discuss further.