Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence reports provide our clients with a comprehensive understanding of the matter being investigated whether that is the financial and legal position of a global company or the reputation and business connections of a potential broker. Whether you are conducting business or considering taking legal action, it is better to understand the facts in advance and with our Business Intelligence reports you will be provided with the data necessary to come to an informed decision.

Our business intelligence products can cover the UK Market, Europe, USA, Asia and most other foreign jurisdiction. We utilise extensive investigative experience with focused, bespoke, corporate research allowing our clients and partners to gain an advantage prior to committing to courses of action.

The business intelligence services that we offer include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • company credit worthiness
  • ethical and moral practices of Charities
  • locating current and past legal cases and prosecutions
  • money laundering risks and links to organised crime
  • corporate fraud
  • corporate associations and networks of companies, their jurisdictions and standing
  • analysis of the activity of Directors, shareholders and connected parties
  • mergers and acquisitions due diligence

Each case we undertake has its own individual characteristics and thus a confidential discussion with us would enable us to define the issues to be investigated, the scope of the work and agree a budget.