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Wealth Report and Due Diligence Report Updates

Date: 05/01/2012

The research we undertake on each report always varies and depends on the circumstances of each individual or company that is the subject of such research. Over the past 10 years we have noticed a big increase in the number of data providers all offering supposedly great products. These range from offering basic electoral roll searching to credit reference agencies claiming to be able to pin point fraud by postcode. The reality is that they all have useful data and some use it very intelligently but there are always holes which some data falls through or is poorly selected by the data provider for instance edited electoral roll rather than full.

Winter 2011 updates

Recent system updates and improved data matching by one of our suppliers allows us on many occasions to be able to view Ex-Directory telephone numbers. This will only occur when the owner of the line has consented to receive marketing information.

Despite all of the recent Companies Act 2006 changes have been in place for over 12 months we continue to see breaches of the revised Act especially by companies who have Corporate Sole Directors.

Companies House continue to allow inaccurate or incorrect sets of accounts to be filed. During the course of our researching we have yet to see a set of accounts marked by Companies House, something that the Companies Act 2006 has given them powers to do, as having issues despite us all being aware of a number of separate instances of wrong accounts.

Blagging receives further profile. Recent well covered formal enquiries into the activities of certain elements of the media have led the Information Commissioner Office to remind the business community that Blagging is prohibited under section 55 of the Data Protection Act 1998. Blagging is the offence of knowingly or recklessly obtaining, disclosing or procuring disclosure of personal information.